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I am a Futurist, Senior Advisor and Head of Media at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. My passion lies within the intersection of media and technology, and how the future media landscape is going to unfold.

I am an experienced keynote speaker, moderator and host. In addition to focusing on the future of media, I also spend a lot of my time speculation on the possible futures of AI, the metaverse and the overall convergence of our physical and virtual lives.

I have a strategic background in the media industry, where I used to work in DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) as project lead for the New Media Days. Apart from being a full-time futurist I am also a member of the Danish Media Board under the Minister of Culture and Advisory Board Member at Future Media Hubs.

I have been a jury member for the INMA Global Media Awards 2022 on ‘Best New Digital Product’, ‘Best New Digital Format’ and the ‘Best in Show’, a jury member for NonA | Virtual – Videogame Architecture 2022 and jury member for the CPH:DOX Inter:active Award 2024.

I have lived and worked in a number of locations in Europe and South America, and I am currently living in Copenhagen. My educational background is a Master in Media Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark.

You can read more on LinkedIn or cifs.dk.

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Get inspiration and read about some of the talks and workshops I offer on cifs.dk/talks/sh

Selected conferences in 2024:

World News Media Congress 2024 (Copenhagen, Denmark) hosted by WAN-IFRA, World Association of News Publishers – Speaker

Impact – AI inspiration Days (Aarhus, Denmark) hosted by Schibsted Marketplaces – Keynote

Media Innovation Xchange (Brussels, Belgium) hosted by the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union – Keynote & moderator

Nordic AI & Metaverse Summit (Copenhagen, Denmark) – Co-host & moderator

Insight Session – The Future Of Music Communities And Worldbuilding @ Sony Music (London, England) – Speaker

Selected conferences I attended in 2023:

Nordic Metaverse Summit (Copenhagen, Denmark) – Co-host & moderator

SXSW (Austin, Texas, USA)
1) Entering the Metaverse Safely: A talk on Metaliteracy and Responsibility for Media Companies (speaker)
2) Creating a Better Tomorrow: The Metaverse in a Nordic Perspective (speaker and moderator)
3) Metawashing? Official presentation on the metaverse (speaker)
4) Road to Mixed Reality – Automotive’s New Frontier (moderator)

CPH:DOX INTER:ACTIVE SYMPOSIUM (Copenhagen, Denmark) – Keynote on the metaverse – whose is it?

BPI Insight Session @ Abbey Road Studios (London, UK) – Keynote on the future of recorded music for the British recorded music industry

International Journalism Festival (Perugia, Italy) – Panel on Future-oriented newsrooms

Future Tense Conference (Zagreb, Croatia) – Keynote & workshop on the metaverse and AI

Cannes Next @ Cannes Film Festival (Cannes, France) – Panel on metaverse and storytelling

WBU-IMCG Forum – World Broadcasting Unions & International Media Connectivity Group (Virginia, USA) – Panel on future audiences

Media Tech Festival (Odense, Denmark) – Moderator on panel on diversity and female empowerment

BBC R&D Lighthouse Session (London, UK) – Presentation on immersive media and the future consumers

Creative Media Industry Forum (Viborg, Denmark) – Keynote

ØREDEV Developer Conference (Malmö, Sweden) – Host

Selected conferences I attended in 2022:

European News Media Forum for the European Commission (Bruxelles, Belgium) – Panel on future media

Global Media Congress (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) – Keynote on the metaverse

Nordic Media Conference for the Nordic Council of Ministers (Oslo, Norway) – Keynote on the metaverse

MediaTech Hub Conference (Berlin, Germany) – Keynote on the metaverse

INMA Innovation Week (Copenhagen, Denmark) – Keynote on future media trends

FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress (Dublin, Ireland) – Keynote on the metaverse

Twipe Digital Growth Summit (London, UK) – Keynote on the metaverse

Mcbtech.22 (Bergen, Norway) – Keynote on the metaverse

Wallifornia Music Tech (Liege, Belgium) – Presentation on the metaverse

Media Tech Festival (Odense, Denmark) – Presentation on the metaverse

TechBBQ (Copenhagen, Denmark) – Moderator on panel on the metaverse


Associated Partner & Special Advisor in Media & Technology

Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies


CIFS is an Independent and non-profit global research organisation and consultancy, founded in 1969.


The Danish Media Board


The Media Board is set up by the Minister of Culture and consists of seven members.


Advisory Board at Future Media Hubs


Future Media Hubs is an international network of media organisations that focuses on innovation through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Partner & COO

Mediehuset Luksus


Mediehuset Luksus is a Danish media house with events and media for active people.

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👉 “I believe we are at a very defining moment in media history

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Keynote as hologram, 2022
Panel moderator, TechBBQ 2022
Keynote, Global Media Congress, Abu Dhabi, 2022
Sofie Hvitved, credit Gingerseyesphotography